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Swim Method

Our Learn-to-Swim program features eight levels in the SwimRight® Method that was developed by Lenny Krayzelburg and his staff. SwimRight® is a sophisticated, results-driven approach to swimming lessons that has evolved from other methods over a period of 40 years, and is a synthesis of the best philosophies and most advanced thinking in the field.


This method of learning to swim is based on progressive learning techniques, so that within their first set of lessons, children greatly improve their chances to save themselves if they purposely or accidentally enter into any body of water.

The SwimRight® curriculum uses the swim-float-swim technique as its foundation for all swimming lessons.


All students are taught first to have an instinct to roll over onto their backs to breathe, which provides them with the ultimate tool for saving themselves in a time of need. Additionally, this approach to swim class provides the proper body positioning for learning the strokes.


Step by step, building upon these core mechanics, students develop impeccable form in the four competitive strokes.

Award System

The SwimRight® Method has eight levels of learning. Each level has a fun name incorporated so that each child belongs to their very own level in the academy.


Whether a Splasher, a Floater, a Kicker, a Roller, a Streamliner, a Freestyler, a Glider, or a Flyer, each child in the swim school will collect along the way a color-coded swim cap to help inspire them to move up to the next level.


Additionally, each child in the program will receive their very own student progress book to help them keep track of all the skills they learn, their achievements, their accomplishments, and their goals that they have achieved throughout the program.


As they venture through each level in their swimming lessons, they will also collect a sticker for each skill that they learn.

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Survival Test

Besides learning various skills in each level, our students experience something very unique to our all of our swim lessons in our program, the survival tests.


In the survival tests, we provide both the parents and the children with the confidence of knowing that their child can survive in a real-life situation.


This is a very unique and valued part of the SwimRight® Method and our swim school program. We are proud to say that we truly put our teachings to the test!